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Declare Winter a Win for your Skin!


Greetings Lovelies!

I’d like to formally introduce myself; my name is Meagan Shea’ and I am a makeup artist. Over time you’ll get to know more about me, but for now, let’s just start there. Personally, I believe that beauty is a concept created for individual interpretation. Whatever you want to be beauty – is just that. Anyway, I’m here to serve as another set of eyes, ears and a voice for beauty, health and things of that nature.

Whether we would like to admit it or not, we all know that Winter is vastly approaching and all of us haute chicks must prepare for the upcoming season. We must get ready for the weather change, make sure our makeup game is on point, as well as, figure out what we will do with our hair.

First let’s start off with the most important thing when discussing beauty… SKIN! Skin is, hands down, the first thing you have to get in order when seasons are changing. For some of us, there will be a MAJOR change in weather. Our skin must be armed with weaponry to sustain the elements.

Let’s start with cleansing! Each and every one of us has different skin. It will fall into one of these categories: dry, normal, oily, combination, or sensitive. Lots of times we like to believe we have sensitive skin, but most often – we don’t. We are really just using the wrong products. How do we tell what our skin type is, you ask? Wash your face with a standard bar of soap ( i.e. Dove, Oil of Olay – preferably something unscented to avoid allergic reactions). After washing, let your face dry – if your face is tight when you move it around and make funny faces – you’re DRY. If it’s slightly tight in some areas, you’re possibly COMBINATION. If it feels fine, just in need of a little moisture – you probably have NORMAL skin. If it’s still shiny or you can feel oil on your skin still (after maybe five to fifteen minutes without applying your moisturizer), you have OILY skin. As for the last skin type, the way to know whether or not you have sensitive skin is to wash your face with a cleanser for normal skin and if your face turns red sometimes with some small breakout – you very well may have SENSITIVE skin.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: JUST BECAUSE YOUR SKIN BREAKS OUT DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN. YOU COULD JUST BE USING THE WRONG PRODUCTS. Usually, people with sensitive skin have to go see a dermatologist regarding their skin and be prescribed special cleanser, OR use cleanser with absolutely no fragrance/dyes.

Now that we know how to determine what we should use, let’s get to what to do. Maintaining healthy skin is actually really simple, there are 4 major steps. The very first thing we must do is:

1. DRINK WATER – When we are clean and flushed on the inside of our body, it is going to show on the outside of our body.

2. CLEANSE YOUR SKIN – We must ensure that every day we are cleaning the day’s debris off of our face

3. EXFOLIATE – Many people do this step incorrectly, and end up OVER-exfoliating. Using a MILD exfoliant is key. We have to remove the dead skin cells from the outermost layer of our skin. However, be safe! Exfoliants come in many different forms, not just granular types. Do a little research.

4. MOISTURIZE – We ALL must moisturize our skin, no matter the skin type. When we cleanse our face, we remove essential oils from the skin. We have to replenish that moisture which we remove. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT STEP IN WRINKLE PREVENTION!

These are things we can never do too much (with the exception of exfoliation – only do this one to three times a week). These are things our skin needs: water, soap, exfoliation and moisture. All of the other steps are really just extracurricular. These steps may include: toning, using masks, treatments, etc. I actually recommend using an astringent, the best one would be ALL NATURAL WITCH HAZEL. It’s great for EVERY SKIN TYPE. You can find it at any grocery/drugstore and it’s only about $3, you can’t beat that! As for exfoliating, there is another method I have for all skin types that is inexpensive… FACIAL BRUSHES. They’re sold at Sally’s, Sephora, The Body Shop and other retailers. Facial brushes are usually around $3 – $6. When it comes to for masks, those are really trial and error, but for now just try a few CHEAP ONES, don’t do trial & error with expensive products – that’s an easy way to waste money (ask for samples instead.)

Now, we should be ready to make that trip to our local grocery store pharmacy to get some products!

YAY for clear skin on a budget!

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